My 2 Cents: WWE Fastlane Predictions

Sunday March 5th 2017, WWE will hold its final PPV before WrestleMania 33. Fastlane, featuring the superstars of RAW will give a better picture of what the show of shows WrestleMania will look like by the end of the night. With 7 matches on the main card, here are my Fastlane Predictions.
Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Nia Jax has destroyed Sasha Banks every time they come across one another. Ever since their rivalry began, Jax has over powered The Boss in every way possible. Normally in a situation like this where Nia Jax has a win over Sasha from their first match, the “smart wrestling fan” in me says that Sasha Banks gets the win over Jax this time around. I dont think that is the case for this match. Nia Jax has been booked to be this monster and she needs to keep that momentum going into WrestleMania. Nia Jax needs to destroy the boss one more time and put the RAW Women’s Champion on notice. I say Jax picks up another win over Banks and interferes at the end of the Charlotte Bayley match later in the night. This locking her spot in the Women’s title picture at WrestleMania 33.

Winner: Nia Jax

Tag Team Championship Match: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

After months of corny gimmicks and countless loses, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are on top of the RAW Tag Team Division. After defeating Sheamus and Cesaro for the Titles, we have finally gotten a more serious, bad ass team in The Club. After a year of being on the main roster, its crazy to think that Enzo Amore and Big Cass have yet to hold the gold. As over as they are with the crowd, and what i can imagine to be good merch sales, I’d like to think these guys should have been on top of this division a long time ago. Here they are a year later and they are finally being given that opportunity. Unfortunately I don’t see Enzo and Cass winning the titles at Fastlane. The Club need and deserve to hold the titles longer than they have. Not saying Enzo and Cass don’t deserve the win, but for The Club to drop the titles this soon would be such a waste of a great heel tag team. I say Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows retain the Tag Team Championships and prepare to face Enzo and Cass in a rematch at WrestleMania 33 where they will likely drop the titles.

Winner: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Still Tag Team Champions

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville (c) vs. Jack Gallagher

I’m not going to spend much time on this one because I will be honest, I’m very biased. Ever since Neville returned as a heel, he has been the best version of Neville. His mic work has improved significantly, his look works, and he’s even adjusted his style to go with his new attitude. Could you imagine trying to boo a guy who finished their matches with a move like the Red Arrow? You can’t boo a guy who can get that much air and flip like that move requires. Neville calls himself the “King of the Cruiserweights” and I couldn’t agree more. As entertaining as Jack Gallagher is, there is no way he will dethrone the king at Fastlane. Neville retains the title and starts his WrestleMania feud the following night on RAW.

Winner: Neville Still Cruiserweight Champion

Samoa Joe vs. Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn will probably be one of the more entertaining matches of the night. Sami Zayn just cannot have a bad match. Matching his style and energy with Joe’s Strength and Agility will be fun to watch. As great as Sami Zayn is, right now I don’t know what direction he will be going as WrestleMania approaches. Samoa Joe is in the middle of a hot storyline right now with him being Triple H’s muscle. Joe cannot afford to lose and I’m positive that he won’t. This is his PPV debut match and he needs to look dominant coming out of this match. Samoa Joe beats Sami Zayn, most likely goes for a post match beat down. This leading to who ever he will be feuding with at WrestleMania coming to make the save. Finn Balor???

Winner: Samoa Joe

Women’s Championship Match: Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte

Charlotte is looking to become a 5x Women’s champion as she gets her rematch against Bayley. Let it be known that Charlotte is still undefeated in singles matches at PPV events. So that would lead us to believe that Charlotte will infact get number 5 at Fastlane, and I believe this to be the case. I know Bayley just won the title and it was a feel good moment for her and all of the fans, but it shouldn’t be of surprise that Charlotte takes the title back. Ever since the Charlotte/Sasha feud, WWE has been playing hot potato with the RAW Women’s Championship. Bayley deserves to have won that title, just not as soon as she did. That moment should have been saved for a later date. For this mistake, we will watch as her reign comes to an end. I believe Charlotte will defeat Bayley due to a “accidental” distraction by Sasha Banks. Then interference by Nia Jax, paving the way for a huge Fatal 4 way Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania between the 4 women.

Winner: Charlotte New Women’s Champion

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

This is the one match on the card where I just can’t choose a winner. Braun Strowman has had the best “monster” build of any that i can think of. Everything that they are doing with him is working. It just makes it so much better that the guy has so much energy and is so quick for a big guy. As far as his mic skills, there is need for improvement but I can say the same for his opponent, but Braun Strowman doesn’t need to talk. He’s a monster in that ring who gets what he wants because he can. That’s what he does so well. He has yet to be pinned and I can imagine that we are looking at the future Universal Champion. I cannot see Braun Strowman being pinned at Fastlane. “The Guy” Roman Reigns, like his opponent I cannot see him being pinned this close to WrestleMania where he is scheduled to face The Undertaker. Both men have this momentum and with that, a loss would not do either man any good. I’m calling this one at a DRAW. I say we get a surprise return after the match from The Undertaker. Whether it be a stare down with Reigns or Taker gets physical. It will be a great moment regardless. Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns keep their momentum, we get to see them beat the hell out of one another, and we get a taste of Taker vs. Reigns before WrestleMania.

Winner: DRAW

Universal Championship Match: Kevin Owens(c) vs. Goldberg

This match will close the show and if rumors are true, the decision will put me in that “I’m not watching RAW anymore” mood. Since  Goldberg returned to the WWE he has been on fire. Defeating the beast Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series in 1 minute and 24 seconds, Goldberg shocked the world and let us know that when Goldberg is in a WWE ring, anything can happen. On the other side is the Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The man who was “handed” the Universal Championship by Triple H. The past couple of title defenses, Kevin Owens held on to his championship with help from former best friend Chris Jericho. So it’s been hard to see Owens as this guy who can get it done on his own. Now that Owens took Jericho out of the picture, the champion has the opportunity to prove that he doesn’t need anyone and that he’s never needed the title “handed” to him to be the champ. With that being said, Kevin Owens now has to prove that point against Goldberg. Here’s my problem with this whole thing, Kevin Owens is clearly going to be facing Chris Jericho at WrestleMania and Goldberg is confirmed to be facing Brock lesnar at the event. With rumors being that Owens will drop the title to Goldberg so that the Goldberg vs. Lesnar match will be a bigger match with a title on the line, I feel this is a huge mistake. Kevin Owens losing the belt to Goldberg at Fastlane is the equivalent to CM Punk dropping the WWE Championship to The Rock at the Royal Rumble. It’s being done to make another match seem more important. This isn’t necessary. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar could have had the same amount of hype had they not wasted the match for a 1 minute 24 second shock. Kevin Owens should be given a chance to prove that he doesn’t need anyone to be a deserving champion. Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho is better as a Universal title match than Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar in my opinion. So my wild prediction for this match regardless of rumors is that Kevin Owens will retain the Universal Championship due to interference from Brock Lesnar. After the match, Chris Jericho returns and attacks Kevin Owens to set up the long awaited Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens match FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP at WrestleMania 33.

Winner: Kevin Owens Still Universal Champion

Thank you for taking the time to read my WWE Fastlane predictions. I can’t wait to see what Fastlane and every week till WrestleMania brings. I’d like to hear any of your opinions on Fastlane, whether you agree or disagree. Just shoot a comment and let’s talk WWE!

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