My 2 Cents: Horizon: Zero Dawn

This is not a review of Horizon: Zero Dawn. This will be an overview of my time with the game. Although there will not be a score, that won’t keep me from mentioning whether I would recommend the game or not. Find out at the end, and enjoy.

The Ps4 exclusive, Horizon: Zero Dawn took the gaming world, including myself by storm on it’s February 28,2017 release date. A game where the player takes control of the main character Aloy, is living in a world overrun by machines based on animals such as Rhinos, Vultures, Deer, and Dinosaurs amongst others. Without spoilers, the story is focused on Aloy who was taken in by a man named Rost as a child. Both Rost and Aloy are outcasts, the villagers are not very welcoming to outsiders and the story really shows how difficult that is to accept as a child. Aloy’s purpose and Plot of the story is to find out the identity of her mother. Little does she know, that’s just a piece to what her purpose truly is, as Aloy was meant to do more, meant to save humanity from the machines.

Photo Taken Using In Game Photo Mode

The very first thing I noticed as the game loaded up on my standard PS4 was just how gorgeous the game was. From the cutscenes straight into the gameplay. It was amazing to look at. I spent a bit of time before jumping into missions just looking at detail in the world. From the movement of grass, the small wildlife roaming, the weather change, and the machines themselves. Now I’m sure people will say that playing on a PS4 Pro would have been the definitive way to play the game, and I can see why, but I am content with playing the game on the standard PS4. If it means anything, I did play the game on my 4K tv with HDR mode enabled. It’s a gorgeous experience regardless and I’m sure no-one will have any complaints with the game visually. The open world in Horizon is also pretty huge. As seen in the picture of the map above, there are plenty of places to travel to, each with specific machines assigned to certain areas. Note that in the picture, the map is zoomed out all of the way. as you zoom in, there is plenty more to discover in the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Photo Taken Using In Game Photo Mode

Gameplay in Horizon: Zero Dawn is fluid. I experienced no hiccups as I went on to take on every machine in the game. Response time was perfect, there was no slowdown as many machines attacked at once, along with great looking weather effects. I just never found myself wondering why something wasn’t working as it should. Speaking of the gameplay, Horizon features a crafting system for things such as ammo, and pouch upgrades. I will admit that at times it was pretty annoying if I was in need of ammo for a weapon and I had everything but one resource(in my case wire) and because I didn’t have what I needed, taking down a machine wasn’t as easy as it would have been. You get resources for ammo by hunting machines or you can purchase them from a nearby merchant, but if there isn’t a merchant near you, that can be a small problem. The game also has an ability upgrade system. You upgrade selected abilities with points. You get one point everytime you complete a main mission/some side missions or by leveling up. Some abilities will be a priority to upgrade based on your play style. In my case, I enjoyed being as stealthy as possible, so I upgraded accordingly. If you’re wondering, the highest level in the game is level 50.

Photo Taken Using In Game Photo Mode

With 22 different machines to watch out for in the world of Horizon, my favorite had to be the bigger machines in the games. Machines such as Thunderjaws, a Robotic T-rex and Rockbreakers(can’t really describe this one except for saying that it’s huge, it digs under the ground making it hard to chase, it’s fast, and is a pain to kill). Each machine has their own personality and their own attacks. As you scan the machines you can see what the weaknesses are for each armor piece on the machine. Some are weak to fire, some to ice, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go straight in with your light/strong melee attacks and traps(so long as you go in with a gameplan). One of my favorite weapons to use on all of the bigger machines is the Ropecaster. I won’t go into detail about all of the weapons but I will say that the Ropecaster is one of the more useful weapons in the game as it is used to pin down machines and will leave them vulnerable to all attacks. Depending on how big the machine is, will determine how many times you have to shoot the machine to keep them down for the given time. As you go further into the game and purchase the  different weapons, taking on different missions and machines can be done as you see fit. That’s what I truly enjoyed about this game. I didn’t have to always go into a situation with arrows flying. It’s nice to have variation and Horizon delivered that for me.

After playing Horizon: Zero Dawn for 42 hours, I have to say that I am in love with this game. I consider myself a trophy hunter and I am proud to add Horizon to my list of Platinums. The beautiful graphics, smooth gameplay, simple upgrade system, different ways to tackle a task and the amount of detail given to each machine, I have no problem saying that I would highly recommend this game to any PS4 owner. If you are a completionist, this game can easily give you 40-43 hours of gameplay. More if you took time to just stand there and take in the beauty of the game like I did. I couldn’t be happier with my experience and with news just recently of Guerrilla Games working on a story expansion for the game, I can not wait to see what more they can do with Horizon: Zero Dawn’s world.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts on what I believe to be the best PS4 game so far this year, Horizon: Zero Dawn. I look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on the game, and I will continue to look to provide more of my thoughts on things I enjoy.

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