My 2 Cents: Love For Android

I have been an Android fan ever since I was old enough to have my first smart phone. My very first phone that I received at around 10 or 11 years old was the RazR V3 in Blue. You never forget your first phone, but it wasn’t till years later that I jumped on the smartphone bandwagon. The HTC G1, the first Android smartphone I got my hands on. I loved everything from the customizable home screens, being able to sideload applications, the slide out keyboard and the fact that it was nothing like my first phone. It became my favorite phone for the year that I had it and I praised this phone as if it was the best on the market.


My time with “the best phone on the market” was short lived as I got robbed and the love of my life was taken away from me. I grew up in a house with very hard working parents, but no matter how hard they worked, getting me a new G1 on short notice was not happening. So they did what they could for me because I was spoiled and was not going to live without a phone. They got on Craigslist and got me a new phone. It wasn’t NEW, as it was a second hand phone, but it was in perfect condition. My HTC G1 was all black with a blue track ball. A combination that I loved, and of course that slide keyboard. This new phone was gray, thinner, and the track ball had been replaced with a track pad. This was a better version of my former love. This was the My Touch Slide 4G.

My Touch Slide 4G

I got the phone and the first thing I remember doing was sideloading a texting app that I had become obsessed with. It worked. Installed without a problem. I changed my wallpaper, added widgets, and loaded my SD card with music to play on the phone. Everything worked perfectly and it was a smoother experience since the G1 was a 2008 phone and the My Touch Slide had come out in 2011. I was in love all over again. Android phones in my opinion at the time could not be topped. During this time of course I’ve heard of the iPhone. I had friends who owned the phone, but as I would look to see what the iPhone was all about, I noticed that it was a “basic” phone. No widgets, no expandable storage, where is the slide out keyboard!? I told myself that I would never own a phone as simple as that. Android will always be better than IOS.

Years earlier, before the my touch and a little after the G1, I had a very short experience with a phone that I never thought I would. I’m not exactly sure how this happened but there was one time in my life where I went to “The Dark Side”. All that I can remember was that I was still without a phone, and I knew that wasn’t going to last much longer. My brother had gotten his hands on a iPhone 3G. I was disgusted that one found its way into the house. After much time thought out and with my patience running thin with not having a phone, I paid my brother $80 for the iPhone 3G. I could not believe that I was actually now a owner of a iPhone. I also couldn’t believe that my brother charged me for it, that was the hustler in him. Thanks bro. After playing with the phone for a couple days, I still hated Apple and IOS. I couldn’t wait to get a new phone. 

After a couple of months my parents finally got me that new phone that I was promised. As for the iPhone, thankfully my girlfriend was in need of a phone. I gladly gave it to her. At least the money was now well spent and the phone wasn’t going to be locked away somewhere like I originally planned. The iPhone was out of my life and I was once again reunited with a familiar love, just with a prettier face. Android, I will wait for you next time no matter what. The dark side is indeed dark and I am afraid of the dark.

So here I am years later, after plenty of different phones throughout the years, all Android phones. I am now even more obsessed and I’ve learned to love every Android update. I’ve always had this problem where I have to be on the latest and greatest of Android. Depending on what device I had at the time, I would either not be able to get the latest update due too it being a non supported device, or I’d have a device that would get the update at a later time. I’m too impatient to wait months to a year for a software update. So in 2016 I got the solution to all of my problems. On October 20, 2016 Google released the Pixel phone apart of their Pixel line. A phone made by Google running pure Android. The phone is absolutely beautiful. Sure it looks like an iPhone but that’s not a problem for me. I never thought iPhones were ugly, I just hate IOS. I know that before the Google there were other options for getting latest updates like flashing ROMs, getting a Nexus phone or even buying a “Pure Android” version of certain phones from the Google store, but flashing my phone was risky, it was always hard to get my hands on a Nexus phone as they were very popular and the Google version of phones on their store were overpriced. Before the pixels release date, I was determined to make sure I got one before it was sold out, of course I was too late. Sold out just as it was announced. 

Here’s My Current Home Page Layout On My Pixel. So You Can Get An Idea As To What I Use My Daily Driver For.

I could not believe that I missed my chance to get the phone of my dreams. A Google phone, made by Google, running the purest version of the OS that I love. On October 24th I received an email from the Google store informing me that my 32 gb Pixel would ship out in 3 – 4 days and that my estimated arrival date would be October 30th. I thought this was a trick. I could not believe what I was reading. I had not been able to purchase the phone, how is this happening? Turns out that months earlier I had been accepted to get a review device for a Google made product. I completely forgot about it and I would have never thought it’d be for a phone. So now I have my Pixel and it’s as perfect as I thought it’d be. It’s my daily driver and I use it for everything. I won’t review the phone here, but I will say that the screen is beautiful, the battery life with my heavy use is amazing and the camera is the best on the market right now. Android on this phone is buttery smooth, as it should be. And I am now running the latest version of Android, Nougat. 

I adore Android and they can do no wrong In my mind. They continue to make their products better and their OS top notch. Android O has just been released for developers and as you can imagine I’m itching to get my hands on it, but it’s a very early version of the OS and I wouldn’t want to risk messing up my Pixel as I use it every day. So I will be as patient as I possibly can and enjoy Nougat . I cannot get enough of Android and I admit to being a fanboy. I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I hope all of you fellow fanboys enjoyed this read and all of you Apple fans realize how dark your souls have become after owning iPhones for as long as you have.

Thank you for the read and I will continue to give my 2 cents on things I love and things I may not enjoy so much.


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