My 2 Cents: Super Mario Run First Impressions

I woke up Thursday morning with a notification letting me know that I was finally able to download Super Mario Run on my Pixel. Super Mario Run has been out for IOS since December 15th of 2016 and it was announced that it would not be out for Android till earlier in 2017. So now that it is finally out and I’ve downloaded it, I made sure to play the first level to get use to any Controls that I may need to get adjusted to.

Before I get into gameplay, I have to say that this game looks amazing on my phone. Graphics look crisp on the 5 inch screen. The colors are vibrant and truly bring the Mario look and feel to Mobile, a move I would have never thought Nintendo would make.

Now onto the gameplay. The video above had only been the second time playing a level so excuse how terrible I did, but the game is pretty straight forward, literally. Super Mario Run is a side- scrolling game, so Mario is automatically running in one direction as you tap to jump . Pretty simple controls but not so easy as it looks, at least for me in my first initial gameplay. From what I can tell, you have to collect all of the coins in the levels. To do so you have to choose which way you want to keep running, whether you will jump higher on blocks or stay low. You will also find yourself jumping on enemies for a bit of a boost to reach coins or even get on top of a certain block. Timing seems to be a big factor in gameplay and not timing a jump can lead you to losing out on a coin. Lastly In traditional Mario fashion, you have to try to jump to the top of the flagpole to finish the level(I barely ever make it to the top, no matter what Mario game I’m playing).

So after playing the game just for a few minutes and taking the time to appreciate the graphics, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve seen. Now again, I’m only two stages into Super Mario Run and my feelings can change as I progress, but right now I’m looking forward to playing more and seeing how I feel after more time with the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first impressions of Super Mario Run. As soon as I can I will be sure to put up a “My Time With Super Mario Run” post where I will talk about my overall experience and whether or not I would recommend the game to anyone. Till then, feel free to check out any of my other posts!


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