My 2 Cents: Google Wifi


  I’ve been a Comcast Xfinity customer for about two months now. When I moved into my studio apartment, my goal was to have amazing internet for a great price. I started out with 25 mbps because that was their “mid tier” internet/cable plan without breaking my wallet. Now I know about internet speeds, and I knew that 25 mbps was going to do me and my fiancé no good. This plan came with basic cable with about 30 channels(the plan had no channels that we really would have loved to have), again cable through an internet provider wasn’t in my original plan, but I tried it out anyway. It was absolutely terrible. The channels that we did have were the basic, not a single one in HD, and the highest speed that I was able to get was a steady 5 mbps. Yes 5 mbps, I could not load a youtube video in 720p without the video trying to load up every 15 seconds. It was bad. So I called up Comcast and asked for a plan with just internet like I originally planned,  as long as the internet was actually close to what was advertised I would be willing to pay a bit more. So I was offered a plan with just internet, for double the price, but was advertising up to 200 mbps. That much speed is way more than what I’d have even imagined that I’d need, but I knew that it was now all I wanted. So I jumped on it. I was told that the change would happen immediately, so as soon as I hung up I could test out the speed and enjoy up to 200 mbps. I got off the phone and the first thing that I did was turn my phone’s internet on and load up a youtube video at 1080p video quality. The video loaded up pretty fast, and I was able to watch without a problem. So I was really excited to turn on my PS4 and start downloading some games that hadn’t already been on my system due to slow internet speeds. I go to download a game thats close to 8 gbs in size, I could not believe the amount of time that my PS4 was displaying as the estimated download time. 44 hours. Was this a mistake? Was I connected to my wifi? I tested the connection on my PS4 3 times before seeing that it was only getting 14 mbps download speeds. I had paid for up to 200 mbps and I’m still only getting 14, my phone was getting 45 – 55 mbps but that still wasnt what I expected and not what I was willing to pay for. After some time over the phone with customer service, I was told that the 200 mbps was being pushed to my router but the problem was that I live near an airport​ and apparently that was getting in the way of the speed being as high as it can get, there is absolutely nothing they or I can do. I could not believe this was happening, I couldn’t imagine staying with internet this bad and not being able to do anything about it. The only internet providers that worked in my area were Comcast and Frontier, and I was not going back to Frontier. I was stuck and had to deal with it.

  Every day I’d try to keep the strongest signal I can to whatever​ device I was using the most at the time by turning off the wifi on every other device in the house. That can be a pain to deal with at times, considering I’m not the only one in the house using wifi, but we made it work. I would also check the wifi download and upload speeds at least 3 times a day, the most consistent download speed that I would get with two devices connected(Mine and my fiance’s phone)was 55 mbps. This isnt a bad speed but for the both of us it didn’t always work out. At times it would interrupt one of our activities, whether it was her instagram taking some time to load new pictures or my phone not loading a big web page. For up to 200 mbps, I was still only getting 55 and that was not something I was ok with. So I began to look into ways to actually speed up my connection, I was determined to get close to that 200 mark. I looked into very expensive modems, and even more expensive routers, but I was very low on money and even if I had the money I was scared to take the chance. Before I gave up on my internet problem I finally found something worth investing in. Google Wifi. Now I am a huge Google fan, I love everything they make and I’m usually up to speed with their products, but not this time. This one apparently went over my head and I couldnt believe that it did because it turns out that it was exactly what I needed for this huge problem of mine. After some time spent doing as much research as possible and looking at reviews, I made sure that this product would end up in my hands and finally fix the problem with my crappy internet speeds.

Today I received the Google wifi. It came in it’s standard simple yet beautiful Google packaging and it was packed with all that I needed to set it up and get things going. The device it’s self is beautiful. white with a strip of LED light going through the middle as it is turned on. Setting it up was as simple as plugging in the power cord and connecting the included ethernet cable to my Modem. After everything is plugged in, I setup and finished the process on the Google Wifi app. After about 8 minutes of setup it  was finally done and I was able to connect to my new and improved internet. Before actually using my devices to test the speed, the first thing that I did was check the download and upload speeds of my wifi connection. Below I will post a picture that will show two results. 

Bottom: Before Google Wifi Top: After Google Wifi

  The bottom speeds were from a couple of days ago before the Google Wifi arrived, the top speeds are from today after setting up the Google Wifi. The difference is incredible. I could not believe what I was seeing. I tested a couple of time more and nothing changed. I was getting higher speeds than what Xfinity said I would. They said up to 200 mbps and I’m getting higher every time. This was no different with my laptop, mind you my laptop can’t use 5ghz of wifi because it’s an older model so the speed was lower than my phone’s, but my laptop got speeds of 146 mbps because of Google Wifi compared to the 27 mbps it was getting before. Google Wifi is the real deal and I cannot believe it took me this long to try and get this thing in my house.

  I just received the Google Wifi, so I won’t go and give a review just yet, but based on what I’ve experienced and what I’ve shown in the speed test, it’s safe to say that this things is doing something and whatever it’s doing, it works and it works really well. After some time with it and some use with all of my other devices, multiple devices in use, and actually downloading some stuff, I will be doing a full review on the Google Wifi. So keep an eye out for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read my 2 Cents on the Google Wifi. I look forward to bringing you more of my 2 Cents on the things that matter to me. 


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